ALGLASS dress your products up!


ALGLASS dress your products up!

Semi automatic glass bottles producers and fully automatic stock bottles traders

Semi-automatic glass factory production

Technical office and customized projects
In our glass factory, we produce handcrafted bottles that are dreamed up by our customers. From miniatures to giant bottles in a wide range of colors. The experience of our technical department allows us to find appropriate solutions to the challenges posed by our customers, from first technical development steps to the construction of the molds themselves.
Our craftsmen produce all the packaging, achieving pure quality with very distinct & unique designs. The fine finishings, such as drilling, frosting, hand & fire polishing, cutting, coatings, silk screening, endeavor to deliver the highest of quality to our customers and their requirements.
We are tailor-made for the Premium sector.

Official distributors of VERESCENCE

Fully automatic glass bottles traders
We are the official VERESCENCE, before SGS La Granja,   distributors in Spain, a global leader in the production of glass flasks for high quality perfumery and cosmetic, with more than 200 standard references.
VERESCENCE is a recognized supplier on an international level for its innovative capacity and experience for over 250 years in glass-making. 

Official distributors of APTAR

Dispenser Solutions Traders
APTAR GROUP meets the world’s leading companies in sprayers, dispensers and air-less pumps for perfume & cosmetics.
As distributors of Aptar in Spain, we offer a wide range of services to facilitate the development of its products, from the initial idea the final product. We have international and local specialists in design, engineering, customization, quality and service equipment. 
Combining our partners and experience in the integral development of projects, we manage to offer the best packaging solution.